Apology Flowers

Flower in a Vase
Image by storyvillegirl via Flickr

6 a.m.

I let the dog out, only to discover the apology flowers left on the front porch… Hmm…Do I leave them? Do I pluck every petal and feed them to the grass; while sending the message to him that I don’t accept his Fucked up apology…What he did was unforgivable.. or maybe I just don’t give a crap and am still pissed off, that the flowers don’t mean shit.


does the earth lover in me; retreat into the house with flowers in hand. Carefully unwrap them and place them in water to preserve their beauty…for it wasn’t the flowers fault that he was such a dick.. so to harm them would be pointless. Plus, they already had the dreadful ride with him in the car..

I quickly take them into the house, clip them, and place them in beautiful vase…

“Oh, you poor babies…having to be in the presence of that mean ol’ man.. your saved now”..

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