Soul Tap

Our bodies are the pathway to our spirit. Our bodies are the calendars to our lives. Our bodies tell the story of who we are.

Take a good look in the mirror; what do you see?

Are there dark circles under your eyes? Are they sunken, yellow, or red?
Indications= Stress, lack of proper sleep, over-worked liver or poor diet.

Look at your hair. Is it brittle, dry, or thin?
Indications=Pollution from chemicals or smoking. Inefficient water consumption, stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise.

Now, stick out your tongue. What do you see? Is it pale or coated? Is it filled with bumps or spots? If possible, think of a child’s or infant’s tongue, now make the comparison.
Indications= poor diet, inefficient water consumption, alcohol, smoking, poor digestion, stress.

Do you appear older than what you are? How many extra pounds are you carrying around?
Are you tired often? Are you frequently angry or moody? Do you often have headaches or migraines?
Are you depressed? Ill or diseased?

If you possess any of these symptoms that means your body is talking to you. Your body is sending out signals that it’s in trouble and it’s time for a change. The beauty of this is that if you want change you can have it!

Despite what you heard, disease is not irreversible.
Disease is exactly what it says it is; DIS-EASE. Your body is not satisfied and it’s internally at war. Desperately fighting against all the negative things that “YOU” do to it or allow to be inflicted on it.

So if your ready, completely, honestly and seriously, WE can do it.

Clearing away the baggage first starts with dropping each load. If your body is causing undue stress on your mind, you are misdirected. Your clutter is causing confusion in your spirit.

The body, mind, and spirit work in conjunction. The spirit directs the mind, the mind directs the body, the body directs the mind, the mind directs the spirit; a complete circle.

SOUL Tap is about tapping into those things that make us great and who doesn’t want to reach for higher?

Let’s get to tapping..

  • Step 1, FLUSH
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