You Want Beautiful (All-Over Body) Skin?

How about that glow?  Here’s a couple of tips for beautiful sun-kissed looking skin:

Dry Skin Brushing!

Dry skin brushing is excellent at beautifying the skin.  But, even more extraordinary is it’s added benefits to your health. Dry skin brushing removes impurities from the skin and therefore boosts the Immune System. It tightens and tones the skin, stimulates circulation and removes dead cells.   Drum Roll Please it also helps with cellulite!

First, get a natural fiber bath brush (the bristles are not harsh on the skin like some synthetic fibers)  For an added benefit add a few drops of essential oil.  Some of my favorites are Juniper and Cypress (not to be used if are pregnant or have high blood pressure).   Rose oil, Lavender,  or Tea Tree Oil may be used as well. Add about 2-3 drops of oil to the bristles of the brush..and stroke in long upward movements toward the heart; this helps drain the lymph back to the heart.  So, always brush from the feet up.

Start at your feet and brush in circular movements from the sole to the heel.  Then your ankles and legs, thighs, butt, and stomach in long sweeping strokes. Continue to brush upward, brush lightly over your breast, then neck and shoulders. If you have a long handle brush it makes it easier to get the out of reach areas, like your back, or if you can always have someone help you.   Now, brush your hands and arms.

(Use a facial brush or sponge for the face,  apply circular movements. Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, and Rose may be used (just a drop) or a warm was cloth dipped in the solution and placed over face  if sensitive)

Do this once a day, before bath and preferably in the morning to jet start your day. (For complete lymph drainage do daily at least 10 mins..for 3 months)

The dry skin brushing helps to open your pores too, so while in the bath if you need extra healing or if there are areas that need special attention, you can put a couple of essential oil drops into the water.

After the bath..(if you have time), let your skin air-dry and gently pat your skin dry. This allows extra hydration of skin.

Follow up with your moisturizer.  My favorite is Shea Butter.  I add a drop of my favorite oil (Normally Rose and Patchouli) and mix it with the butter directly in my palm. But, anything free of chemical and dyes will suffice. Again, massage your skin upward toward the heart.

Now you are set!  Vibrant and refreshed!   Be consistent about the Dry Skin Brushing technique and you will quickly notice positive results.


Essential Oils and Uses

Rose Oil– Great for mature and aging skin. Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac, Hormone regulator, helps with womb disorders,Wards against anger and fear.

Juniper Berry– Skin Tonic, Aids in detoxification, Fights cellulite, boosts immune system, helps with upset stomach, and aids in hair loss.

Cypress Oil– Helps balance female hormones, Harmonizes menses, Treats Acne, Reduces Cellulite, Improves Energy, and decreases benign cysts.

Lavender Oil– (The most versatile of essential oils) Can be used for just about anything. Antibacterial,  Antiviral, Heals cuts and bruises, Aids in skin irritations, Acne,  Disinfects the scalp, Relaxing and Uplifting, and Immune System Building.

Tea Tree Oil– Antibacterial, Antiviral and Anti-fungal, Great for Acne, Eczema, Yeast Infections, canker and cold sore relief, and reduces redness and swelling.

Patchouli Oil– Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac,  Astringent, Diuretic, Deodorant, Tonic, and Immune System Builder.

*Quick note* If your dealing with something heavy (cold, flu, deep stress or depression) Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar can be used with Dry Brushing for deep tissue work and cleanse.  May have to dilute the Apple Cider Vinegar with a little water to make sure it’s not too strong for the skin.  (This treatment works miracles)

Here’s a great video I found on YouTube that is insightful and inspiring.  Thank You Eve:)


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