I’m a selfish girl I know…

If you can’t hold me right, don’t try to hold me at all.

I don’t need you to love me, cause I wouldn’t know what it was, if you did.

I just need you to pack and unwrap me, every time you see me. Delicately remove my bow, gently loosen the tape, carefully release the wrapping paper, softly lift the lid, tenderly pull back the tissue, and with an “ooh ahh” from you lips; patiently lift me and pull me close. Lovingly hold me close.
Now, quick and swift…precisely put me back….patiently tuck me in the box, tenderly cover me with tissue, softly replace the lid, carefully re-wrap the paper, gently stick the tape, and delicately adorn my bow.

I know that I am fragile, a bit damaged, cunningly beastly…. but you don’t…You can’t see it. You won’t be able to recognize it, even if you did… by chance… have one unspeakable moment to peer into me…It’s too ghastly and lurid for you to comprehend.

You are too perfect, so perfect to ever know evil; even when your holding it in your hands.

So, put me back… in the box….quick.

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