Ring.ding.ring.ding. She playfully clicks the bell.

Magnetic Butterflies flutter their wings along the white metal, basket. Baby blue and pastel pink, chrome wheels. She rides. Her seat is extra high, because she likes to feel taller than what she is.
White leather tassels hanging from the handle bars. A sparkly gold bell, with red, yellow, and blue glitter adorns the center.

Wearing her favorite pink, converse tennis shoes with red laces, a blue-jean ruffled skirt, and guitar tee. A funky gray cap, barely fits over her hair.

What a beautiful sunny day. She sticks her chest out, like a blue crested bird. Happy to be Happy.

She rides.

Ring.ding.ring.ding. Clicking the bell.

“Good morning!” She playfully sings; “Good Morning to all the Saturday warriors, lawn mowing and yard working.”

Swaying side to side, with her hands loosely gripping the bars. Ring.ding.ring.ding. “I bet they envy me.” she thinks.

She hums and coasts with legs stretched out. The purple cushion beneath her cools her moist thighs.

Ring.ding.ring.ding. Clicking the bell, back and forth.

Eyebrows raise as she glides by….”Good morning!”.. she announces to everyone she passes. Sometimes, waving fanatically and grinning extra hard.

Pedaling and coasting.. laughing within and giggling softly.

Around the corner, she spins… wheels squeaking, and dust floating as she parks. Down the kick-stand drops. Swiftly jumping from her seat she proudly stands at the side of her stallion, and gives a moment of admiration for her most trusted companion. Once finished, she flicks then clicks the bell with her bony pointer.

She waits.… She anxiously wrings her hands while circling her bike.

“Where is he?” she huffs while gritting her teeth.

Kicking the gravel with her pretty shoes.. Ring.ding.ring.ding. click.

She groans, stamps, then screams…”Paul!.. Paul!..PAUL!!!”…

The door squeaks, and he peers..smiling.. “What are you doing?”

She looks..bitterly at him, with her right hand on her hip, she shouts.. “Well, I’m out here ringing and ringing you and you act like you don’t hear me.. Damn!!! How many times do I have to ring the fucking bell?!

He looks.. wide eyed..”What?”.. he whispers.

YOU heard me!!!.. Screaming and pointing. “I’m out here ringing this damn bell…over and over again and YOUR acting like you don’t hear me. You inconsiderate ass!”

“Oh.. Okay. I’m sorry babe. I was in the shower. Why didn’t you just come to the door?”

“Why would I? You DICK! I shouldn’t have to, if I’m ringing this fucking bell, shit.”

He opens the door wide to allow her to bring the bike in.

Forcefully, she pushes open the door even wider, just to bang the nob on the wall.

“Dammit Paul! I was having a good ride and you just fucked it all up.” She pouts. “Why are you always so selfish?”

“Oh.. I’m sorry baby..I guess I had the water up too loud.. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

“What? the water too loud? I thought we already talked about you turning down the water…”
(shaking her head) “Your gonna fuck your mind up if you keep having it up like that.
Dang.. I have to teach you everything?” while smirking and pinching his cheeks.

He hunches his shoulders and locks the bike at the door.

She grabs the wooden banister and heads for the top of the stairs. Behind her he peers.

“I see you rode without panties again”.

She bends over and says.. “Don’t I always; silly.” (SMILE)

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