“I’m on my way”.. he urgently replied.

He made a made a mad dash down the side walk in white crew socks, blue boxers and red cape.. Across 4th street, past the flower shop, the magazine stand, the liqueur store, and the grocery…

Speaking in his wrist phone “I’m almost there.. I’m at 7th street..”

“You better hurry!” the caller pleads.

Fast he sprints. Around light post, hurdling over parked cars, and slashing his feet with broken glass, on the pissed covered concrete.

“I’m here”..he pants.. into his wrist phone….

“She’s on the roof.” the caller announces.

He steps back, his cape blowing behind him…Up he the 16th story building.. “I see her” he puffs.

Breaking the glass of the apartment door, he bursts through the unlocked door…Through the lobby he flies, eying the elevator, but decides to take the stairs… “The elevator..may be broken” he thinks.

Up the stairs he climbs.. His knees crack..and ankles buckle from the countless over the banister jumps.

“I’m at the 15th flight”..he huffs..

“I’m coming.. I’m coming.. I’m coming” he screams… “Please.. wait…I’m coming..”

He bustles onto the rooftop… breathing heavily…Surveying the scene.. There she is!..

….Her white coat blows in the breeze..lifting and displaying her bright-red panties. Her pale feet, uneasy on the ledge…Auburn, ringlet hair covers her face..
Admiring the placement of her feet, she gazes at her shiny polished toes. Her huge-eyes peer through her hair as the metal door clangs behind him.

“Hmm”..she smirks.. He’s come to save me.

“I’ve come to save you!..” in his stern, lingering Superman Voice.

The corner of the left side of her mouth, rises.. sweetly she replies “Who said I needed saving?” Still viewing him between her hair..

“I’ve come to save you”, he echos….

“Okay..” she giggles.. She carefully unfastens her coat, her fingers tremble with each unloosed button.

“What will you save?” she asks. As she stands; displaying her bare breast shown through her open coat..

She cups both breast in her hands.. “Will you save these?” she snickers..

“I’m just here to help, Miss. I’ll do whatever I need to do.” Inching closer to her.

“What’s the matter? How can I help? Is that it? Are you unhappy about your body?”

She laughs and bends to dangle her tits… he immediately draws nearer..

“Oh, these ol’ things, I don’t give a damn about these.” she smiles

“Miss! Please! Be careful.. Why don’t you just get down from there, and we can discuss it safely on the ground, please… I’m just here to help.” He carefully walks to her, reaching his hand out for her..

Mockingly she responded.. “Thank you kindly, sir. But, like I said. I don’t need saving. I don’t need your help.”

“You must.” he stampers… Your standing half naked on a ledge..aren’t you trying to lose your life?”

She yells… “Who the hell said that I was living, anyway.. You stupid, ignorant fuck..I’ve been dead for a while now.. me jumping off this ledge will be my best chance at ever living again..”

“Okay Okay.. calm down.. calm down”..He soothes… I just want to know you could do this another day.. Why don’t we go out for tea, or coffee..a bite to eat, maybe? Just spend a little time with me.. We can talk about whatever you like..I just want to help.”

She smiles, and blows the bangs from her eyes, “Okay” (whispering). She held her hand out to him, which he reached to take… she laughed and snatched back..

He immediately lunges for her, (her red heels brush the edge) and back she falls… Only her white coat left hanging in his hands.

He lowers his head, presses the button on his wrist phone… (solemnly) “I lost another one, Joe… I lost another one.” …

He removes his treasured cape and shamefully shuffles in his underwear and bloody socks… in the elevator, through the crowds of people, on the dirty streets, back to his box…on 3rd street.

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