Hardcore Max

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Disconnected and set aside from the world
Dejected by his own skilled, willed perversion
warped in psychotic thin skinned tomb
Always detached..never a time of content
never do pupils meet
Separated and confused
a sin sick soul is he
dirty encrusted thoughts…deviled deeds with frothy tongue
a filthy disease criminalized by imperfect blood

but who to blame..he or a society that gives him freedom to piss down the throats of every ant he meets?

a dollar taken, a movie made..and every pure thought annihilated.

a dirty bastard for true..ill son of a bitch

raping girls and molesting boys too..

Protesters scream… Lock his ass up, hang him, let’s abuse him!

but” WAIT” I say..”ain’t he the reason why,  you do what you do?”

If he wasn’t so Fucked up..who will you fight against?  What new crime would attack..if not this one..it’ll be another one.  Bestiality, Sadism, any other in-human perversion, you would protest.

But, the curious kitty in me..would pleasure to know..how do you know of these deeds?  Did a friend of a friend inform you of such disgrace? or were you just typically in the wrong place?

Even more curiouser in your quest to search the world for perversion, what have you seen? what have you deemed..unfit for American‘s TV screen? and how many times are you on patrol?

I seem to think that maybe it’s you..who don’t have control?

Because if there’s no one to glorify this “sick bitches” dreams..than maybe his dirt wouldn’t be seen.  Maybe his filth would go unheard and the next generation of horror will be unlearned.

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