The Exorcism

The Fantastic Five, feverishly finger, forced to exorcise despair.

Dark and alone, restless and afraid..

Deep shit; deviled in fetal hideaway; howls loud

The Fantastic Five, fight fast to free it..

Clutching deserted walls, Deep Shit holds tight

withered broken veined legs, kick wildly about…

ashy heels point with toes tilted

sharp nails dig in

A sobering final sigh..and Deep Shit quits.

Proudly the Fantastic Five claim victory…”Tonight the exorcism was successful! Tomorrow, we will attempt the same feat. But, be not secured, tomorrow may not be as easy; desperation grows stronger as desertion lingers…

night after night,

after night.

and Deep Shit’s frustration with masturbation becomes unbearable.

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