Morning Motivation..Facebook posts

  • You can’t expect for things to change in your life if you are uncertain about (WHAT) should change. Wealth, Happiness, Success, and Love is readily available in abundance..if you truly want it. So get off the Roller Coaster…(unless you in fact like it) hmmm.
  • Monday’s in Motion..Hit it hard!!! If it’s the beginning of your work week…WORK! If it’s a Rest Day..Restore and get ready to WORK! If working is what you need to do, to get to where you want to be..take Daddy Long Leg strides..NO HALF STEPPING! Be Big, Broad, and Bold!..anything less is beneath who YOU truly are.
  • Whose “Yodel-ay-ee, yodel-ay-he-hoo-ing” off the Mountain Tops, with me this morning? Let’s be a Force today! Forced to be seen and heard with unstoppable magnetism. GOOD MORNING!!!….Free Spirits!
  • Love has NO boundaries. Stretch yourself Wide Today!
    Like we used to say as children..”I love you from here to the stars and back.”
    Like I say now (thanks to my Elders)..”I LOVE YOU as long as long as the water flows..I LOVE YOU as long as the Moon appears at night.. I LOVE YOU even if there were no Sun and all I could do was feel you.” I LOVE YOU
  • The greatest gift that Spirit has given us (human beings) is the gift of choice. And in today’s society we are flooded with an array of temptations, spiraling paths, shiny gems, and slick smiles. But WE have a CHOICE! Let’s choose wisely today. Let’s make futuristic and innovative choices. Let’s make faith guided choices and use another one of Gods gift’s (discernment) to help us choose.
  • Spirit is in me..flowing rampant through my mind, bustling in my soul, rushing from my hands…In my walk and talk. I am listening and Very Much Aware. Enjoy your day family 🙂
  • I woke up this morning..with plum cheeks on my brown skin..blushing from a romantic peach. Mann…if you pick the (RIGHT) fruit you always get the sweetest results 🙂
  • I love it when I ask the universe or God for something and right when my humanness gets the best of me and I start to lose patience, (It comes). It’s like God is saying “Booyah–In your face!!! I told ya I was gonna do it”.
  • Peace, Libations, and spiritual salutations! Be Blessed and enjoy all that Creator has given you and for all the “Knuckle Heads” that are constantly walking around with hands out, Raise them up! Give Thanks and appreciate what You have NOW!!!! True Gifts are Timeless, they will not break down, wear out, and they don’t have an expiration date!
  • What God has for me is MINE..however, it’s MY responsibility to claim it.
  • Today’s Affirmation: Let us all focus on Revolution through “EVOLUTION”! That we finally evolve into a complete human state instead of the barbaric and animalistic creatures that some of us have despicably forced upon the earth.                                                                                                                                                   Let us pray for Libya and all of MENA (Middle East and North African) Nations. Hypocrisy in the name of Religion..has to stop!
  • Ain’t it something how the “Old Stuff” becomes the “New Stuff” and the “New Stuff” becomes the “Old Stuff”?..same ol’ continuum. If you truly want a change in your must be prepared to completely erase the past and all traces. Otherwise..Stop complaining and blaming people for your dizziness on your self made Merry-go-Round.
  • “Happy Lovers Day” to all the single people!!! Let’s be present in the love that already exists around us (From family and friends) and be joyful while preparing for the Pure..Real..True..Intimate love..that’s patiently waiting on us.
    (SMILE at the reality)..namaste

    February 14 at 12:40pm

  • Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and in between the two, my life moves” – Nisargadatta Maharaj.

  • Scattered and confused mind manifests into physical chaos and disorder. Clean out your closets people!..Take out the trash..wash your filthy laundry, and remove all unnecessary clutter. Your unconsciousness mirrors your “Space”. namaste
  • Spirituality and Activism! “Put some prayers under your feet..” Get active for peace, have compassion for humanity, fight in peaceful protest against all injustice..true revolution is love-based and non-violent.
  • “Change is inevitable, but how you change is strictly up to you”. Expect the best, accept the best, and no matter how many twists and turns that life puts you through..You’ll be fine. namaste
    Ultimate Peace and Prosperity to all of my well-wishers! Thank you guys for the Birthday Sugar..I really needed it:) namaste
  • Infinite, unbounded intelligence flows through me..I haven’t forgotten who I am.. and I am fully aware that I am apart of the “Most High” and the “Most High” is in me..therefore I am All-knowing and never devoid of choice.
  • And God says “YES!”..Yes, to a joyous day. Yes, to being fulfilled. Yes, to having all needs met. Yes, to accomplishing all that must and completing all tasks…YES, to allowing spirit to direct and allowing “Humanness” to surrender.. (YES)…namaste
  • “It’s a beautiful, blissful, blessed day”…my steps will be joyous and giddy…My smile BRIGHT, cause I skip enthusiastically, felicitously, and vibrant; on the wings of the universe”
  • Daily affirmation) Take the limits off!!!! Release me from fear, lack, and self-destruction..Take the limits off of me, that I have placed on myself. I will reap, the harvest is bountiful and rain is plentiful. No limits, no limits, no limits..
  • The resilience of the Human spirit is simply remarkable, when faced with adversity”…we all should be inspired and motivated by the faith and strength of Chilean miners and Chile. “There’s nothing we can’t do”..namaste
  • Taking off the limits..


    Stripped of lack, disappointment, judgment, fear, hurt, or hypocrisy.

    Naked of anger, pretense, and melancholy.

    Taking off illness, dis-ease, and pain.

    No limits. No holding back…(not today).

  • How can we expect our children to be great, if we don’t see the greatness in them? Moreover, where is the greatness in us? and do we have it to give?

    Get off of your porcelain booty’s and support local charities!! (My monthly PSA)

  • Fully participating in life, is not hard; as long as you understand that you have no choice.
  • Goodmorning..great ones. Did you know that you
    are Great? Who told you that (YOU) were not? If it were said, it only takes
    you to believe it
  • Whatever you do, Put ya feet in it.
    Your job, relationship, break-up, children, and life. If your in the
    process your already in action. Keep moving. Get going..and jump in
    “How you gon’ complete anything from the outside looking in?”
    I’m getting FILTHY today. 6 am. wake up!!! (Forgot to post) But, knowing me.. I’ll be DIRTY all week:)


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