About ME

There is so much to say, yet so little. I am who I am and I’m trying to get to WHO I’m supposed to be. I’m like plain, floral, pink dresses; on top of tatted purple breast, rocking bumble-bee shades fogged with heavy metal spit, I see stories in dust specks, and dance in lava-lamp bubbles.

I knew you long before YOU knew you. Plugging USB cords to the universal cipher, I stay lit. I do what I do, simply because I DO IT. I love, hurt, bleed, laugh, cry, dance. F up, F down, (sideways and on my knees). I pray for forgiveness, and sleep on books of ancestral secrets. I love life because “it’s” mine. I want bliss, happiness, joy, and “The love of my life”, but I face reality that I may have to settle for the fattest, funkiest, avocado, soy burger and wheat-grass juice.

I get high off of caffeine and patchouli and I’m a sucker for a tight pair of jeans.

I find comfort in knowing that a simple “Smile” will get me through the day.
I cry when I am lonely but I create when bored. I don’t live by a script. High IQ but dense when nervous. I don’t deal well with the physicality of the visual but I adore tiptoeing on translucent blue beams. I’m small but I know how to puff up real big.

I’m not too much at all, yet everything. I guess a mirroring dynamic.


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  1. Jeff Bell says:

    Hi, Jessica. Thanks for posting the Wildmind blog piece on my new book, WHEN IN DOUBT, MAKE BELIEF. I’d be glad to send you a copy. Love your site, by the way.

    – jeff bell



  2. sincityfunnygyrl says:

    that was beautiful!


    1. mantra says:

      Thanks SinCity..Funny Gyrl :)!!!


  3. cherduncombe says:

    For ALL that you are, I both cry at the Universe and thank it. How can I be thankful for the pain that brought you to the keyboard with us on the other side? We are so lucky, so Blessed but how can that be as we feel your suffering? How is that that I sit here savoring your gifts as a writer, knowing that behind every keystroke lies pain? But you teach me to love my Bi-polar loved one even more than I do. It’s the understanding I lack, yet you, a distant friend, show it to me. Maybe today I can help my child. Maybe the next time I read you, I will realize the pain that you/she hide from us/them. I can only say, thank you for every keystroke done in Blue notes that help us out here, strangers who need to know.

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    1. mantra says:

      Cher, I am always with you and your daughter. I can truly attest to the dynamic of living in “your” truth or “My” truth for that matter. Life is always about how you “Look” at it. I have just recently come to the realization that the pain and trauma of my life have just been a window; a reflection of the mirror that I create. I have learned and I am still learning on how to accept me for who I am..and love the viewpoint that I have been blessed with. I know your daughter will find her way and her placement within the mirror..She has you to help her along the way, just as you have helped me. (I love you,,(Truly) and there is such Beauty within the Blue notes..it brought you to me 🙂


  4. ainnie says:



    1. mantra says:

      Thank you 😊


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