Just One Of The Girls

I love how I can throw on a pair of jogging pants, and a tank top…

How I can pull my hair in a ponytail, with any colored band.. Top it off with a loose open sweat shirt and fuzzy socks..

How I can strut around the house with clear face, and not a hint of hue on my lips. No jewelry or polish. No glitter or bronzer.

Unforced freedom..

I really like, how I can plop on the couch in my nerdiest glasses and a book; chips and tea, not far from reach. Kick back in the laziest of slouches; as if I haven’t a care in the world..

It’s quite rewarding… (really)….

Especially, when I know that there’s a sweet secret, underneath…

…a leather thong with polka dot bow in back..and matching leather pasties that dangle silver tassels. A diamond belly chain and leather cuffs on each ankle. A henna tattoo of a serpent lines my back..

Ahh. so comforting, to be just like all the other girls..

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