~ Risha’s Story~ “AND AIN’T I AN AMERICAN?”

“And ain’t I an American? Read a history book. My ancestors panned for gold and helped to build the Transcontinental Railroad — blasting dynamite through huge, granite mountains. Dying in droves here.”

Etta James

Sweet songs Etta! The legendary Etta James, Blues and R&B singer died of complications of  Leukemia today, at the age of 73.  Her music and raspy, strong, (tell no lying tale) voice resounded loud and clear for us all.   She told us how it was and was gonna be.  She begged without submission and gave…

Escape of the Loons

Two Troublesome Loons Sticky and Glued, Heavyhearted, Torn, and Blue……………….


Just a moment in time..a lapse of confusion. A break from clarity. Fogged by the daily overwhelming routine of life. Now, renewed, regenerated and revived.  Open..wide,  and stretched. Unzipped and naked. A smile. A smile..pure and without pretense. A kiss. A kiss..never to be washed from my cheek. A hand.  A hand..comforting and warm. Wholesome…

Barack Obama-The Poet

“I see my face, framed within
Pop’s black-framed glasses
And know he’s laughing too.”

Revolution through Evolution

Today’s Affirmation: Let us all focus on Revolution through “EVOLUTION”! That we finally evolve into a complete human state instead of the barbaric and animalistic creatures that some of us have despicably forced upon the earth. Let us pray for Libya and all of MENA (Middle East and North African) Nations. Hypocrisy in the name…

The Power of Non-Reaction

To React or Not? The question enters me frequently.  (I), like so many other human beings; bounce between my spiritual self (the all knowing, righteous, peace seeking, and zen loving part of me) and the physical self (skin, emotion, vengeful, lustful, spontaneous, thoughtless, and carefree part of me). I wrestle with myself on what to…