Stop giving all your cinnamon away..

“Constantly passing. Passing it on, from hand to hand, project to project, charity to charity. Passing along and making others happy, kept me happy. Only because I felt that it would be selfish and futile to keep some for myself. My hate and mess could never be conquered; so why bother. I convinced myself that if I ever kept love for myself that it would be “Thievery”. It’s stealing if you take something that you were never meant to have. Giving it all up, was the right thing to do.”

But, don’t I deserve the best? Am I not worthy of receiving the rewards of my hard work? Why is it that when I earn a dollar, the Universe sends someone to ask for it all or asks for half..and why do I feel it necessary to give it to them?

“Stop giving all of your cinnamon away!”

The Universe sends signs to teach us discernment. In this instance, if someone is in need and you give all of what you have, now you are in need. That is not how the Universal law of giving and receiving works. It is a continuous flow of abundance. You give and receive, and receive while giving. There is no lack, resentment or regret.  Also, understand that your cup must be full in order to give. Take care of you first. Allow the Universe to bless you first! Receive your rewards because YOU are worthy and when you are full, then you can give because you have expressed gratitude for your (gift).

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