Pretty Red Stockings

“Pretty Red Stockings….Pretty Red Stockings…Pretty Red Stockings..”

I whimsically sing..placing pointed toes, followed by left leg; into the stocking

(Humming)…”hum.hum…hum…hum.hum” settling my right foot into the stocking….

around my heel, up my ankle, past my knee, now, stuck at my thigh…

“Pretty Red Stockings….Pretty Red Stockings…Pretty Red Stockings..” I gleefully, sing.

Spreading my fingers wide apart, while showcasing and idolizing my stockings, I rub out the kinks, and stretch them high.

I leaped onto the kitchen table; with fingers gripping the edge. Childishly kicking my legs, back and forward, forward and back…loving the cold lacquer beneath hips shutter as my red legs dance. Subtle ripples of flesh and muscle jerk with each kick. I watch my thighs glow when they contract; highlighted by my glorious stockings. (I smile)

Feverishly, I kick wildly…back and forth on the table, “swing stockings, swing..” My hips rotating to the melody…The table squeaks and softly bumps the floor…I swing, kick, gyrate, and shake.

Abruptly, he appears…(a minute too soon)…I’m caught in the act..

Forcefully, he tugs and lifts my scarlet legs overhead.

Frantically, I scream as I watch my “Pretty Red Stockings” hit the floor.

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