Night Navigator

Night train.. rolling over hills, and drifts, winding roads..and worn metal.

11:16 pm.

Take the Eastbound train. Exit at Stadium Subway.

Head West to 4th street. Pass the Ball Park, 2 blocks ahead, on the other side of the highway.

Down the Street. Around the corner. Behind the alley. Past the iron gate. To the right.   (Inside) of Blazes Blues Bar.

Upstairs. Past the pool table, at the far left corner, keep going. Through the red curtain.

The First Door on the left.  Knock. Turn. Push. Peak. Step. Inside.  Step. Behind. Shut.

(your here)

1 purse down on the dresser to the right. 7 steps ahead. 1-2-3-4-5-6 buttons unbuttoned.

1 nude knee. 1 flat hand. 1 nude knee. 1 flat hand.

1 Open chest

2 Twilight Smiles

What took you so long?”

1 loose laugh.

“I lost myself at the bar...glad you found me.”

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