Squawk the Crow

Squawk the Crow…Nevermore.

It’s after midnight..why are you pecking at my front door?.. Didn’t I say..to not come round here..Nevermore..no more?!

Go away Crow you’re not welcome…anymore!

I heard your pickup spinning up and down the street… Wheels viciously turning with rubber burning…in fiery red heat.

I heard the phone ring and ring ….then the sound of your wretched, wicked-whistle sing. I’m fed up with the flapping of your infected molting wings.  I SAY…your DETHRONED you Paper Crowned King!!

Why are you beckoning me as if I were a beast like you? Leave me be..your not the same as me.

Out my yard and out my air! Go away Crow..fly fast away from there..

…here and everywhere..around my place.  Get down! I don’t want you in none of my space.

S0…Shoo! Shoo! Damn You.

Get away from here and don’t you come round here..Nevermore!!! NO MORE!

I been done told you! Your not welcome…A-N-Y-MORE!

Dammit Crow! I demand that YOU Go!

AND..Stop the Rapping and Tapping…at my front door! You leaving all them tiny little white bugs all over my porch floor.

The Roosting and Nipping at my windowsill…all the Squawking and Cawing is making me ill.

The Country Upside-down Talking and Honky-tonk..is so played out..it’s Hogwash and Backwards Trailer-trash Junk.

I’m done with you..and I mean it..”We’re through!” Don’t cha’ come around here no more. Nevermore!

The bristles of my broom are ragged..my salt is empty. I’ve shooed you away too many times..if there’s a next time I’ll just have to put a bullet in your hide.

Go away Crow…Go away Crow!

Get on away from my front door..and don’t come round here..NO more! Nevermore!

It’s Over! So go on now…. find your way back to the tree from which you fell…

better yet, find your way back to your Mama’s perch in hell!

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