Out The Kitchen Window


Old coffee and Deepak Chopra whispering through the laptop speakers, 5 drops of splattered milk in planetary alignment on the kitchen table; remnants of the overflow of milk into my cereal bowl. 7 a.m. I sit. peering out the kitchen window as thin, red, tree branches sway back and forth; their cousins slowly rocking in the distance. The Sun’s shadow beams on the blinds. Slumped in my chair I sit, with my right leg dangling over my left…pondering my day. I think of the work that awaits me, the things that I must do..and all the crap that will be doing me.

Limbs limp toward the window..lift then droop.. they seem to be watching me..watching them.
Breezy and easy they say..Slow and steady they sway.
Bare and free..

hmm..must be a message for me..

“Take your time and blow along the path that the day has made for you.”

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