A Message to all Single Mothers on Father’s Day


I received quite a bit of phone calls and comments directed to me; wishing me a “Happy Father’s Day“. I graciously said thank you, but all the while wanting to rant.

Father’s Day is for FATHERS!  It is a celebration and appreciation of them, not Mothers; not me or any other Mother that does a “two parent job”. Yes, we take care of our children solely. Yes, we may head the household and run it efficiently. Yes, we are the providers, back-bones, stair steps, doctors and lawyers for our children. Yes, sometimes we get tired of “doing it all on our own”. But, we are MOTHERS! Great Mothers, super heroins, powerful and never defeated Mothers. I say that proudly.

BUT! There are Fathers. Great, powerful Fathers. Fathers that raise, nurture, guide, and provide for their children. There are Fathers that deserve to bask in all acknowledgment of them! Let’s praise them. Let’s love them, lift them, and thank these Men who magnify all that Fatherhood is. Father’s Day is for them.

As for the other fathers out there who don’t yet understand what that means, let the Real Fathers have their time to shine and that way maybe their light will direct the lost ones.

I love being a Woman and Mother and I’m not letting anything stand in the way of that title and all it means. I am so much to my daughters and they are so much to me; I am a Mother and that says everything. Nothing will ever take that away. I dare not take the title of “Father” from true Heroes.

Happy Father’s Day to all you great male warriors! We are watching so keep on teaching.

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  1. Dear Lady, how are you? You have an interesting page with poetry and bits of interest to titillate the brain. Sorry I haven’t been around, I had to finish my manuscript. Love all you have here and I hope all is fine with you. Your an inspiration and a great poetess, xo xo Carlus


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