The Pill Box Hat

Good night Sweetheart, well, it’s time to go, dah dah dah dah da.. Good night Sweetheart, well it’s time to go..” hummed from her throat.

She wore a black pinstriped, pencil length skirt, with tailored white shirt deeply tucked. She loosely toddled with wide hips. Her weight shifting uneasy on her crooked heel; bent from an unfortunate mishap with a sidewalk crack.

A veiled, black Pill Box Hat, covered her dark hair; with a few tasselled strands, flustering about. She oozed step by step. Stealthily, she glided. Her head held high and a yellow clutch buried underneath her armpit. Bright Berried lipstick tainted her lips and way too much rouge hid her cheeks.

Up the concrete steps, she climbed. Holding black banister, and swinging opposite arm shyly behind her.

The glowing orange bell she pressed.

A loosely dressed young woman answered the door. She wore an over-sized, dingy T-shirt that hung from her shoulders. It barely covered her bare bottom.  Her hair was unkempt and a violet bruise on her chest, peeked from underneath.

Are you her?” she hinted. While slightly opening the door.

Why, who else would I be, darling?” She mockingly whispered…  Her voice was rasp, husky and slow.  The girl widened the door and she entered..

He’s in the bedroom at the top of the stairs.” The girl pointed.

Alright” she briefed.

As the woman turned to leave..  The girl interrupted, “Um. Mam, don’t you need something else?  I mean do you have help coming?

Ha!.. No honey, we need this to be discreet. Don’t cha worry none, love.. I got it under control.” She smirked.

She entered the room and discovered a gray haired, critically aged man, sprawled across the bed on his back.  His head lay twisted, his chin was upright, and a single stream of blood hung from the corner of his mouth.

Tis Tis” She shook her head. “I don’t feel sorry for you, you sick old bastard.” She went behind him, cigar in lip..” Aye honey.. you gotta light?” she called out.

Uhh..Yes Mam.” She peeped. Up the stairs and in the room she darted. She held the light under the woman’s cigar… “Thanks babe.”   “Hunh hunh.” The girl quickly sang.

Darling, get that door for me..” said the woman, (nodding toward the bathroom)

Yes. Mam.”…

She grabbed the man by the top of his arms, and tugged him from the bed to the floor. When his body hit the floor a pop of  blood gushed from underneath him..

Damn honey, how long has he been dead?”

Just a couple of hours.” she responded.

Fuck, this bastard probably didn’t have long to live anyway.” She pulled him into the bathroom and rolled him in the tub.. the clicks of her heels tickled the girl..

Umph. Umph. Umph… She shook her head. “What a mess!” as she glared at the carcass.  “Oh well.” She quickly returned to the bedroom, grabbed her purse, pulled another cigar and eyed the girl.

She leaned on a dresser and stared at the girl. She pitied her.

Here Hun, light this again“.  The girl quickly came.

Look here girly.. (While speaking with the cigar between her lips)..Why don’t you go tidy up and put some clothes on, you ain’t got to be naked all the time. Not no mo’.” (She slightly smiled and nodded at her)…”Give me some time and I’ll let cha know when I’m done.” She glanced at her, with piercing eye.

(Softly) “Oh..okay.” the girl murmured, and hesitantly left the room.

The woman shook her head.. .(Poor child..ain’t got a clue) she laughed..”Damn hoes, getting younger and younger, dirty bastards (referring to the men).

She closed and locked the door.  Kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed.

A deep sigh fell from her chest..Oh..well, let me get this over with. She popped open her purse and retrieved a small bottle filled with a clear liquid. She went to the tub and sprinkled it all over the man.  As each drop hit the body..dust rose and small purple burns began to appear..  She muttered some gibberish and a couple of hand movements into the air..and then sprinkled more.  The bathroom soon became filled of nebulous fumes.

She coughed and fanned..smoked and gawked.   Her eyes bulging from the sight of him.  She gagged on the stench.. “Damn.” she grumbled, while fanning the air.

Peering down at him..What kinda hell-hole you come from?  You bout the wickedest piece of shit I din come along a long time.

His body withered, stretched and distorted.  It hissed, and flailed. His gray hair now..scarlet..and ablaze..Wild loose hair sizzled and popped through the air.  At one point, a fiery hair landed on her shirt, she quickly swiped it off..and anxiously brushed all hints of imaginary residue from her clothes.

With disbelief the Woman, watched.

The body convulsed feverishly. The arms jolted and jerked.  Raggedy hands smacking the sides of the tub.  His smoldering green with melting pea-green skin; flopped up and down.   His toes..bluish gray and turned under..had drooped like rotten grapes.

A blue strange hue outlined him.   His teeth clicked and rot from the root..His thick tongue gushed raspberry bubbles. He groaned and grumbled. Moaned and even seemed to smile.

Aye! Fada!? What’s dis?” In thick Geechee tongue she questioned and rambled about.  “Oh. Mi.  What kind of sin is deez?  Who’s dis Man, Fada? She shouted.  “Who’s dis Man?

He’s wicked for true. I NEVA seen a evil like dis!”   Fast. She placed the bottle on the edge of the bathroom sink, and her hat as well.  She wiped the sweat from her forehead, then quickly reached back to tighten and restrain her hair.

Swiftly, she grabbed the bottle and dosed the man again. An even louder hiss screamed from the man.

She spoke in unknown tongue..and conjured all she had.  Her eyes closed and rolled. Tears trickled from the creases.

She then looked up and spoke into the air.  “Fada..Fada..dis here Angel ain’t right.  He ain’t neva been right.  You made a mistake by lettn dis one down here.  Ya gotta take he and all his shit away from here.  Take he away NOW, Fada.”

Instantly, the room grew dark and full of smoke.  With both arms she swiftly collected it, she gathered, and  firmly constructed (it) into shape with her hands.

She patted and molded.  She slapped and sculpted. Finally, she was finished.

Whew” she exhaled.

She opened her eyes, and all was well.  The air was clear, the tub was empty, and the smell was fresh.

Carefully, holding (it) in the palm of her hand.  She grabbed (it) with two fingers and rolled it back and forth.  Stretching it out long and making it tight and taut.  She then sealed the ends with spit from her lips.

She grabbed her hat, flipped it over, and placed (it) inside a hidden pocket underneath silver lining.

To the mirror, she retreated.  She observed herself while she washed her hands and face. Fixed her hair. Straightened her clothes and replaced the Pill Box Hat on her head. She tilted, smiled and blew herself a goodbye kiss.

She exited the bathroom, climbed back into her heels, retrieved her purse,  and re-applied her lipstick.

She placed her purse back under her armpit..opened the bedroom door, and called for the girl.

I’m finished..girl!“. She chimed.

Excitedly, the girl appeared… with high-pitched voice..”Really?!”  She brushed passed the woman and inspected the bedroom and bathroom.  “Wow! There’s nothing left!  What?’d you do it?” she stuttered in amazement.

The lady in The Pill Box Hat..looked at the girl, pulled a cigar from her hat and said…

Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that girl.” (Smiled) and placed the cigar between her lips…”Hey, let me get that light again?”

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