I died today


I died today… my skin darkened, and color changed. Air rushed from my body. I became silent. Softly I closed my eyes, felt my limbs freeze…stiff and still, I left.

I drowned. The water consumed me, covered my head, filled my nose, and flooded my mouth.
My ears popped. My lungs grew heavy..my chest puffed and hardened. It hurt.
I felt unspeakable pain.
Engulfed..I died.

All my sins played before me. All my good turned to tears.

I died a horrible death.
blood dripped from my nose, my teeth gnashed..I snarled at my killer. My pupils turned ruby. My cheeks ashed and lips withered. With crimson skin under my fingernails..I scratched the pavement. I failed to crawl to safety. I screamed. I screamed.
Ripped.. I died

Memories of abuse, pain, and trauma bruised my face. Pleas muttered from my lips. Weak and frail.
I gasped to hold tight the last bit of air. My throat constricted, my heart stopped, and my bladder failed. I quit. I gave up.
Defeated..I died.

……only to be born again..new…clean..fresh..healed..reincarnated and given another chance.
Another try.
Another try at living.

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  1. Jim Dugan says:

    This was a bit hard for me to read. I had a brother who died of drowning. I use to imagine what it was like for him. But I learned not to torture myself with those thoughts, and I came to believe that endorphins kicked in and his last moments were euphoric. Also, as wonderful as is to be incarnate, I sometimes long for the freedom of being pure spirit.


  2. mantra says:

    Tragic about your brother Jim. I long for the freedom of being “pure spirit” too.


  3. mantra says:

    Reblogged this on MANTRA.


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