One of my life lessons (out of many) is Consistency.

I dabble in consistency. I wrestle with my goals and entangle myself in project after project. My great ideas, my great inventions (and believe me, I have some wonders); I start but never complete. Unpublished books, unfinished artwork, stale left-over assignments needing only to be re-heated.

Unfortunately, my inconsistency doesn’t just stop with work. All over my life, and in my life are trails of potential. Cluttered closets and crowded drawers, flabby belly, and un-carved wood.

“I’ll get to it” I tell myself. But, the reality is, I did get to it, I just didn’t finish it. It causes me to question myself and beliefs. Is it that I am too in the “Buddha” that it just doesn’t matter. Could it be that it’s so minor, that it’s not worth the stress. Am I trying to keep my life too easy that I deliberately leave out the cleaning up and cleaning out (first). Will the flow just flow? Do I drift through my life like a leaf blowing over a cool river? Am I just semi-conscious like in a marijuana induced haze.

Maybe my lack of consistency is just the reflection of the genius mind that I secretly possess. My mind is constantly creating that my fingers just can’t catch up. I start than move on to the next idea because the next idea’s thought, over powered the first. Could it be that I really harbor Einstein, Edison, and the likes of Wheatley and Dubois within me.

Is it the metaphysical, my belief in quantum physics. How I understand matter? Or how my belief that separatism is really about a single element surrounded by many which wrapped all in one. The concept that all is many yet many is single. The frequency of physical and the lovely dance of spirit with physical. That I am totally aware of what I am and am not doing.

Unfortunately, through all my greatness and spirituality, my lack of stability means that “it” too is bound to lay cluttered with the unfinished laundry.

So, how do I correct this problem? For it is a problem, I admit it!! I lack consistency. I do not finish anything great! I am afraid of success! I am totally inconsistent and lost in daily mumble jumble. Now, what do I do?

Now, I will affirm all that is true and within me. I am CONSISTENT! I AM Great! I WILL finish what I start! Success is mine! My fear is unjustified! I AM CONSISTENT!

Well, I vow to start with 1 project and finish it. A great start will be this blog. I vow that for a week I will post an entry every day. Starting today. NO excuses. Done.

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